Kana TV Satellite and Frequency
NileSat 102 (7 degree W)
Frequency: 12226
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27.500
FEC: 5/6

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Iron Lady

14.2.2018 | Sunday - Friday 9:00 PM

Sylvania Duran is a tough prosecutor working for the Mexican Prosecutors Office. Her goal is to reach one of the highest positions in the Mexican Judicial System. However, her father gets killed by a notorious Mexican Drug Cartel. Now Silvana must avenge her father by bringing his murderer to justice, no matter what the cost.


A Girl Named Feriha

6.2.2018 | Sunday - Friday 7:00 PM

The story tells about Feriha, a girl from a very poor background, who receives a scholarship into a prestigious university. There she attempts to fit in with the wealthy kids while learning valuable lessons about falling in love and finding her place in the world.




A Love Story

15.1.2018 | Sunday - Friday 6:00 PM

“A love story” depicts the story of Ceylan, who by entering Korkut’s life brings happiness and hope, following a chain of disappointments he has had to endure in his past.


4.1.2018 | Saturday 7:00 - 9:00pm

The story revolves around Kumsal, a wealthy young woman, and Batu, a free-spirited young man from the coastal town on Izmir who meet by chance and travel to Istanbul together to begin a journey in search of happiness.